Tooth Brushing Time


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Click to read sample pages

Tooth Brushing Time teaches good habit formation for brushing teeth in a fun way. Children will be interested and encouraged to brush regularly with lifelike entertaining graphics and simple rhyming. Good habits learned early in life, tend to become lifelong habits and children will be delighted to see these cavity bugs falling off ledges.

Who is this book for?

Children, parents, grandparents, child care workers, schools/teachers.

Anyone who who wants to teach children how to properly brush their teeth in a fun and exciting way!

Key Message

Books to help our kids form bedtime routines, practice good manners, learn the alphabet and many other valuable lessons. Tooth Brushing Time is a tool to encourage good dental hygiene by turning brushing into a playful, fun experience that can be shared by the whole family.

Tooth Brushing Time

Interests children and encourage brushing regularly with good technique.

Reinforces parental instruction in an entertaining way.

Provides lifelike entertaining graphics with simple rhyming.

Gives positive reinforcement of a healthy smile with a shiny mirror adhered to the back cover.

Who wrote this book?

Pam was raised in Jacksonville and enjoys the benefits of living in Florida. She loves being outdoors whether it’s walking on the beach, riding a bicycle, paddling a kayak, competing in a tennis match or simply working in the yard. Writing for enjoyment and self-expression began when her Grandmother gene was awakened in 2012. A more recent endeavor perhaps, but one she approaches with the same enthusiasm and affection for words, word games and reading, that started early in life. Pam works as an insurance underwriter by day and transforms into “G” after hours.

A role model who wants to instill good habits, she presents the lesson of tooth brushing in a fun, rhyming way with visual cues for children and parents while combining her aspiration to write with her desire to teach (and learn). She believes that habits and poems taught early in life seem to stick and feels that her own tooth brushing routine was in need of some “brushing up”. Nobody wants those pesky cavity bugs hanging out in their mouth.

I love observing life from the eyes of my grandchildren while sharing my experiences with them. Being a grandparent is my license to be free and silly, sit on the floor, giggle and play as hard as I work!